Life Insurance Over 70

Elderly members of our church often ask us if it is still possible to get life insurance if you are over seventy years of age.

So, we asked a life insurance agent to visit our church and answer some questions during the weekly Q&A session.

As you might imagine, the session was full and the seniors had may questions aout life insurance.


Frequently Asked Questions And Answers


Q) I am 75 years of age, can I still get life insurance?

A) I'm sorry to say, but, it depends. If you are in good health and don't have any major health issues, it's possible and may still be fairly affordable. You can try this website and get some rates from them.


Q) What if they deny me a life insurance policy?

A) If you get denied for a regular term life insurance policy with a medical exam, you can always try a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy. These types of policies are more expensive and won't offer a very high payout amount, but they are better than noting. At least, your family may be able to cover the funeral expenses.